Your Rainbow To The Rescue Custom-Created Priority Action Plan


Dear Truly FabTastic Heart Centered Solopreneur,

Who May Also Be Frustrated And Confused About

Marketing Your Biz  ….


Having your own business is AWESOME isn’t it?

Except for the parts that aren’t . . . 

Like marketing.  UGH!

And figuring out how all the puzzle pieces fit together – because you can’t find the bloody box cover!

Oh and sorting out priorities?  WTF do you do NEXT?




Who me?  (twiddling your hair because you have no clue what you are doing and trying desperately not to head for the refrigerator!)


It really sucks to have received various degrees, been certificated in several modalities, listened to countless webinars, taken hundreds, probably thousands of dollars worth of trainings, and . . .  STILLLLLLLLLL feel like you are one step away from losing your freeking MIND!

OR maybe you feel like you are spiraling down the rabbit hole at break neck speed and COMPLETELY panicked and then feel horribly guilty because you STILL did NOT get THAT DAMN THING DONE?

YEP!  Been there!  Done That!  Got wayyyyy too many T-shirts!!!


So what’s the solution?





Priority Action Plan!


Ya OK – it’s a mouthful!

But that’s because it does a WHOLE LOT for you!


Here’s the helping hand you’ve been hoping for! During our 3 sessions together you will receive ALL of these elements with the RAINBOW TO THE RESCUE service: 

  • A step-by-step prioritized action guide clearly defining in 1-2-3 order EXACTLY what needs to be done next to get you moving forward simply and easily.
  • A Flow Plan illustrating how the best pieces of your puzzle fit together for your quickest path to profit (or we arrange them into the strategy that best fits where YOU want to go – it’s YOUR picture!)
  • An inventory of all your available marketing content (the pieces of your puzzle) all clearly laid out and all in one (easily referred back to) place 😉


This is NOT NOT NOT an off-the-shelf-do-it-yourself product In a box.

This is a carefully crafted, lovingly created, completely personalized service, designed out of 3 one-on-one sessions, just me and you. 

You provide the info, I put the info into a beautifully wrapped package of clarity, ease and flow, specifically crafted according to your ideal objectives and tied up with a pretty sparkly bow (or plaid, or whatever strikes your fancy).

I do all the heavy lifting for you.

You end up breathing normally again, completely confident about what goes on your Biz To Do list including the order in which to do it. 

If you can follow a  1-2-3 checklist, you can finally start getting shit done (aka implementing your business and marketing strategies)  and be on your way to the profits you want and the success you deserve.

Ready to go?



Wanna know more about the process?



Part 1:

  • In our first session (via Skype or phone), I help you figure out where you’re really at now (objectively!)
  • We’ll inventory all of your available content, services, products and even the stuff that’s still in your head and/or on all those scribbled post-its and scraps of paper
  • You’ll get a clear picture of your available or could-be-easily-available content/products/services
  • You will stop hyper-ventilating and be able to breathe normally once again.


Part 2:

  • I organize your marketing closet so to speak and sort it out and rearrange it where necessary so that it flows for your highest and best goals and intention
  • I identify any gaps that may need special attention
  • We have our second session and review the Flow Plan together. Then we  discuss and make any modifications so that you feel as comfortable with the plan as possible.
  • You will be able to breathe deeply and once again notice the birdies happily chirping away.


Part 3:

  • I thoroughly analyze the Flow Plan and prioritize each segment to precisely fit your desired goals
  • Next I break down each prioritized segment into a step-by-step action guide
  • We have our third session to review and make any necessary adjustments for your Custom-Created-Just-For-You GET IT DAMN DONE Priority Action Map.
  • You will be H-A-P-P-Y and start singing:

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do



You’ve got a hand-crafted step-by-step productivity plan, tailor made for how YOU work and the SUCCESSFUL business you want and deserve!


GONE!  Is all the confusion!

GONE! Is all the overwhelm!

GONE! Is all the shame and guilt about not moving forward!

So isn’t that what you really want? 

To feel GREAT about yourself again?

To know that shit’s getting DONE?

To be on your way to The Bank Baby?


You are just 1 itty bitty click away from  GETTING IT DAMN DONE!

 Be like Nike™ and JUST DO IT!




About Your Rainbow To The Rescue Woman .  . .  aka Stephanie Rainbow Bell

I consider it an honor to be of service to you! I’ve got a magical combo of Professional Skills and over 6 decades of Life Experience to use for your benefit, including nearly 30 years Administrative/ Management roles in offices in the U.S. and U.K plus many years of Intuitive Coaching  and Online Marketing. 

In the “what-makes-you-tick” department (and one of the key skillsets I apply to help you), back-in-the-day, my Dad was a highly sought-after entertainment attorney.  One of his most-respected traits in the industry was his ability to cut-out emotional attachment and stick to straight, black and white logic, a critical skill for his high profile clients.  This skill was so ingrained in his persona that he couldn’t help but carry it into his parenting.  So from the time I began to speak, I was firmly taught how to present “just-the-facts” and learned early on that it was a requirement to survive in our household. So bottom line, I learned early on how to present material in a straight-forward, direct style.

But nothing could change the fact that I also have a deeply sensitive, intuitive side which I wasn’t able to develop until the 80’s when I began seriously studying and practicing personal development and spirituality. From my 30+ years of spiritual studies and self-growth, I’ve learned many things, but probably the most useful for my clients are the gifts of deep understanding and compassion. I dabbled in entrepreneurship in the 70s and again in the mid-90s, but then gave it up to marry an Englishman and move to London.  I returned to the U.S. solo in 2004 (ask me and I’ll tell you the story — it’s all Good!).   In 2008 I made the decision to retire from my 25+ year Legal Assistant career so I could devote full time to being an entrepreneur as a Coach and Author and in 2012, my 1st book became a best-seller an Amazon.

I’m also the proud mom/mom-in-law of my daughter and her (new) hubby and fur mom to the Lovely Lola Rainbow aka The Smile Maker, my senior rescue Chihuaha.  And I’m blessed to live under the blue skies and bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada.



Because of my weird wiring, there are very few things that make me happier than helping you feel confident and powerful!  And I also get a big kick out of organizing a jumbled mess of ideas, content and half-finished projects into a cohesive and personalized-just-for-you Priority Action Plan!


You don’t have to figure this all out alone!

You don’t have to waste time on a group coaching call hoping your question will be answered.

You don’t have to keep feeling crappy about what you’re NOT accomplishing.

I’ll get you sorted!

Just click right here and  . . . .