How I Price

A Special Note About My Prices:Gold Wallet

As a business woman, I’ve studied a lot about pricing.  One of the popular schools of thought is if you price yourself too low, then you will be perceived as having low value so you better price yourself super high, then your clients will be more invested in their outcome.  Most of the marketing experts lean towards charging significant amounts, partly so that they can work less and live a luxurious lifestyle – not that I don’t like BOTH of those things!


Here’s what I believe.

I want my coaching to be available to those who need it, not just those who can “afford” it.

I’ve set my prices based on what my Divine Guidance and Good Sense tell me.  I’m a straight forward kinda gal.  I believe in providing good value for money and I can’t in good conscience charge some sort of super high price based on some guru’s theory that “transformation” is “priceless” even though most of my clients DO have “lightbulb moments” that truly DO transform their lives for the better and lead to positive changes for them.


I trust you to make the best decision you can make about whether you are READY to work with me (or buy my products), which includes taking into consideration your current budget.  Whether you’ve got 5 bucks in the bank or 5 billion, we all still make our own priorities about how and where we will spend our money and whether to choose the every day splurge of a  Carmel Machiatto  or a once-in-awhile splurge like a designer handbag, or a weekend spa getaway.


Only YOU know whether getting a coach, that could help you feel better NOW, is a priority for you.

I respect you.  If now is not the right time for you, FINE.   Bookmark my website or put it in your calendar for follow up at your next pay day.


On the other hand, if now *IS* the right time for you, AWESOME!  CLICK HERE and Let’s GET STARTED!

Either way, I see the Divine Light Within You and hold the intention that everything is in Divine Order for All Concerned!