Stop Hurting Yourself!

Only LOVE brings Your DreamsTo Your Door

I did something this morning that I’ve never done before.  In fact I did it TWICE! 

And then I wondered “What the HELL was THAT all about?” 

Well here’s the story …

Generally, as I browse FB, I see mostly positive and/or innocuous stuff which is what I WANT to see.  Every now and then I might see something I don’t particularly like or even find offensive, but usually when I do, I just scroll past it and honor everyone’s right to to post whatever they please. 

But THIS morning, THIS morning it was different.  As I was glancing at my feed,  I spotted a “joke” that I believed was offensive to plus size women.  And instead of ignoring it as usual, I politely commented that I found it offensive FROM MY PERSPECTIVE.

That was scary for me to do.  Like I  said, I pretty much follow the “Live and Let Live” principle but  today, it felt like the right thing to do to SAY something!  

As I scrolled a little further . . . I found a photo of a group of devout religious people praying.  The photo had been “edited” in a VERY derogatory way with an equally derogatory caption.  This time I reported the photo as abusive to FB.

But these 2 actions had me asking myself. . . “What is THIS all about Steph?  Why did these things offend you so much this morning?

And then I got my AHA moment . . .

You  see I’ve been specifically focused on being kinder to myself.  Of loving myself EVEN THOUGH this or that hurts.  Or this or that itches uncomfortably.  Or I think I “should” have done that thing that has been on my (impossible-to-ever-get-done) to-do list.

I’ve been asking my Divine Self to point out to me when and how I am being unkind, unloving and indeed ABUSIVE to myself and let me tell you, it’s been an EYE-OEPNER! 😉 

But it’s also been EXTREMELY rewarding!

Because I find that the kinder I am to myself, the more energy I have to get things done.  The things that make me happy, that bring me joy.  The things that are bringing more of what I want into my life finally.  And it is also helping me be a better coach/mentor for my clients because I am even more quickly spotting it when they are being self-abusive!  You see we ALL do it and we do it so “normally” that it is just background noise – we tune it out without realizing the damage it is doing to ourselves.

So my Higher Self used Facebook as a tool for me this morning so that I could see the progress I’m making.  I am no longer tolerating me being hurtful to me and so I felt compelled to take some action about the hurtful (from MY perspective) things I saw on FB today.

That’s called PROGRESS folks.  Because, as a very dear friend always says to me (and has now become a standing joke between us) . . . . “Consciousness breeds change.”

We CANNOT change things that we cannot see.  Only when we become consciously aware, are we able to invoke our power of choice!

Today, I choose to be kind to me.  It is my sincere prayer and intention that YOU will do the same for YOU!



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