Happiness Is A CHOICE

It’s magically simple actually!

Your happiness is not dependent on a person, place or thing happening TO you!

Your happiness is 1000% dependent on your CHOICE to be happy REGARDLESS of what is going on around you!

No!  I am NOT crazy!

Even in the midst of tragedy you can choose to see the good in the situation or find something to be happy about.  I’m not saying you should not honor the feelings that are appropriate in the moment.  If you are in a burning building trying to get out . . . run like hell and GET OUT!  But once you are safe again, there is no reason not to CHOOSE HAPPY that you are safe rather than replaying the fearful moments of running from the building!

On a more mundane note, you may not like your job . . . but that is not a reason to not be happy!  Surely there is someone there that you like?  Or even perhaps a pen on your desk that is way cool?  Or the fact that you get a paycheck that allows you to buy food and shelter?

It’s all a point of view!

Change your perspective!

Choose HAPPY now!!

Joyful Blessings to your new choices!!!

Here’s A Common Law Of Attraction Mistake . . .



Do you ever get discouraged because something you really, really want hasn’t shown up yet?

If you are human and reasonably honest with yourself, the answer is probably a resounding YES!  In fact, you might even use even stronger words than discouraged!

It’s disappointing to say the least In this age of “Law of Attraction”, fast food and instant messaging when the object of our desires seems to be forever out of our reach.

And so we make a decision that since we can’t SEE  evidence of our prize arriving on our doorstep, that nothing is happening and it’s NEVER going to arrive.

And that is simply NOT TRUE!

You see, our souls as integral parts of the Universe, know EXACTLY what needs to happen in order for that “prize” to become something real and tangible that we can touch here in “real” time.   Think of it like a giant cosmic, world-size jigsaw puzzle!   Close your eyes for a moment and imagine all the pieces of the puzzle that have to be put in place before the picture is actually revealed!!

Let’s use the example of someone winning the lottery and for our purposes, we’ll call him Joe.

First, Joe has to make a choice, an actual decision, that he wants to buy a ticket.  Then he has to make a choice WHERE he will buy the ticket.  Then he has to actually go and BUY the ticket.  And while Joe is making those choices and taking those actions, the store where he buys the ticket is also making choices and decisions including choosing to sell lottery tickets and going through the process of being a vendor, etc.  And, at the same time, there are the exact right number of people that walk into the store and buy tickets, before Joe.

Let’s not forget about all the steps that have to be set into place involving the process of actually determining the winning ticket!  Can you see how many steps, decisions and choices – pieces of the puzzle – that have to be aligned before Joe actually finds out he has THE winning ticket and manifests his winnings?

Behind the scenes, the Universe is methodically arranging all of the pieces so that Joe can receive his prize.  And what about the pieces AFTER Joe wins the lottery?  The bank, the stores where he’ll purchase all the “stuff” he’s been dreaming about, etc.

Can you see the ENORMITY of the energy behind Joe becoming  a lottery winner?

It takes a helluva lot of energy to manifest into physical form – and sometimes – arranging all those pieces of the puzzle takes more “time” than we think it “should” and therein lies our disappointment!

Here’s a useful and comforting fact for you: over 90% of physical manifestation happens in the NON-physical BEFORE “the prize” can manifest into physical!   WE CAN’T SEE IT while that’s occurring!!  But just like we can’t see the 90% of the glacier that’s under water, it doesn’t mean that our prize doesn’t exist!

So the next time you feel that since you don’t have evidence of your heart’s desire on your doorstep, it’s just not coming – remember this article!  Don’t lose your focus and don’t let doubt, anger or fear dowse the anticipated joy of the arrival of your prize!


Because another “fact” about how the Law of Attraction works is that how you FEEL has a very direct impact on the “speed” of your manifestation. Every doubtful, fearful, or angry thought is like you holding up a giant STOP sign to the Universe!  The good news is that on the other hand, every joyful, grateful and excited thought and feeling becomes a “GO, GO, GO” sign to the Universe!

I believe our lives are meant to be filled with joy and all the good things in life!  Use your infinite inner power of FREE WILL to create that in your life this week!

How To Be Positive Even When You Are Scared @#%less


How can you be positive even when you are scared #$&%less?

Well, you can pretend you are in an Alternate Reality in the holodeck of The Enterprise where only good vibes exist and you always make fabulous choices and decisions!

What would you do DIFFERENTLY if you had no history or memory of anything that happened prior to this moment?

Pretty astonishing thought isn’t it?

Pause a moment and just let the enormity of it sink into your bones.

What if you didn’t remember how it felt when your mom said something critical about how you look?

What if you didn’t remember how it felt when s/he didn’t call you back after that date?

What if you didn’t remember that money was “hard to come by”?

Can you see how much we let our past control our present? 

I know I’ve written about this before, but when I saw this quote from Naomi Dunford at this morning it actually almost brought tears to my eyes.


Because, even I (who live and breathe this stuff as much as poss 24/7), am still filled with pains from my past experiences.  No matter how much Ho O Pono Pono (Hawaiian forgiveness process), prayer and meditation I do.  No matter how much tapping (EFT) or Abraham-Hicks (Law of Attraction) videos I watch.  No matter how many tears or tissues I’ve gone through.

The pain is still there.

It’s gonna be there as long as we are in human form!

Diminished over time?  ABSOLUTELY!

Every present in my thoughts?  Thankfully, not always.

But the moment we butt up against one of those hurtful memories in our current world, the floodgates tend to open.

And THAT’s where the danger lies.

Danger in the sense of  . . . if we get swallowed up by the painful flood of emotions, then we will not be making our decisions or our choices from our most powerful and greatest self!

And we don’t want that!

We want to be as present in our greatness, in our amazing wonderful selves as we can be in any given moment.

And 1 way to do that is to use today’s tool the next time you notice a fear or insecurity or “concern” popping up.

Ask yourself – RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT:  “What would I do/think/feel/say if I had NO MEMORY of the past?”

And then make your choice according to your CURRENT Divine Wisdom.

Your Divine Self is always conspiring on your behalf for YOUR Highest Good.

It has no judgment.

And it has no memory.

Allow yourself to tap into that Divine Guidance BEFORE you take the next step.

Because that next step . . . will be tomorrow’s memory.

And what if you had only FABULOUS memories?


Ahhhhh    . . . . now THAT’s a WAY COOL question isn’t it?

Let’s all dwell in THAT reality shall we?

I Wish I’d Know THIS Sooner…Self Empowerment


Abraham, the collective entity channeled by Esther Hicks, coined a phrase many years ago . . . 





Let’s Talk about Self Empowerment!

It makes me breathe easier when I choose to believe it.  I literally let out a big  AHHHHHH of relief!

I won’t debate with you whether it is a factual statement.  Of course, if you want to, you can point out any number of things in the “real” world that support the opposite position – that things are really MUCKED UP!

But one of the other tenets of Abraham’s teachings is that we create our own reality.

What that means to me is that if I am very selective about the thoughts I think, the actions I take, the emotions I express . . . that I can, indeed, create my own version of reality at any time.

There can be chaos in the world, but I don’t have to participate in it.  I don’t have to spread the word of gloom and doom.  I don’t have to talk about the “terrible” accident that occurred on the freeway.  I don’t have to watch the news or incessant replays of the latest “disaster” in the world.  I don’t even have to have the internal conversation about why my partner or kid or friend were “horribly wrong” when they said X Y and Z.


And here’s why that’s important.


It may be different for you (or you may just not realize it), but when you watch the 99% negative news reports on TV you are choosing (unconsciously perhaps) to LOWER YOUR VIBRATION.  The same thing happens when you keep telling all your friends about the latest argument you had with your kid or partner.  Or when you replay it over and over in your own mind!

Lower vibrations move you away from Joy.

 They move you away from Inner Peace.

They move you AWAY from Love.

The way the Law of Attraction works and quantum physics too for that matter,  grossly overly simplified is:  LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

That means you can’t feel PEACE if you believe that there’s a “right” and “wrong” about the latest conflict in the world.

You can’t attract JOY when you feeling miserable because your bank account may not be as full as you would like.

You can’t find LOVE if you condemn a political party for its views.

I know that’s a pretty radical approach to life.  It won’t feel OK for many.

I’m OK with that.

You see, I don’t need YOU to approve of my approach in order for ME to be at peace.

I respect your right and absolute privilege to choose what YOU want to think, believe and do.

Even if it is in complete conflict with my own viewpoint.

Even if it is in complete conflict with our cultural viewpoint.

Because, that way, ALL IS WELL in MY world.

I maintain my sense of peace.

I maintain my sense of calm.

I maintain my sense of joy.

And if I’m feeling peace, calm and joy inward, I also radiate it outward, which contributes to peace, calm and joy in the world around me.  The energetic ripple effect.

So this week, think about what you are rippling out.

And if you don’t like it, remember you can change it in a heartbeat.


No shame, no blame.

Just shift to a better feeling place, a happier ripple!

Sending you ripples of peace, joy and love!




THE ZEN OF SALMON: How To Stop Swimming Upstream

What do you and salmon have in common?


Perhaps that you (and I) spend quite a bit of our lives swimming upstream! Fine tuning our goals, believing and having more self awareness is the focus.

Salmon are “programmed” to reproduce in the same waters from which they were hatched.  The problem is that they are hatched in fresh water, but live in salt water as adults.  When their internal clock says it’s time to spawn, they use their sense of smell among other things, to return to their birthplace, hook up with a mate and after making several nests (called redds) they eventually expire from exhaustion!

Sadly, some of us humans do the same – although without the clear purpose (reproduction) of the salmon.

That’s not very Zen-like!

We have a purpose – to make life better for our kids, to build a business that will last, or whatever it may be, and we determinedly pursue our purpose with all the right and good intentions as we push ourselves from one goal to the next, one achievement to the next, one dream to the next.

And if you are enjoying that ride – then GOOD ONYA as the English say!

But for many of us, myself included, that constant pushing onward and upward becomes exhausting and more importantly, disillusioning.  We get caught up in a cycle of constantly STRIVING and STRUGGLING for an ever-illusive bigger and better goal, dream or aspiration.

Is it wrong to want something more than you currently have?

Not necessarily.  After all, according  to the Law of Attraction, each “wanting” sends an energetic Rocket of Desire to the Universe and when we align our thoughts and actions energetically to that desire, we manifest it.  It’s how we “get stuff”!

And also, nothing can ever be “wrong” per se!  It’s all just a step in our human journey.  Wrong is a word in the human vocabulary, but the soul, the Universe, God, Universal Source Energy – whatever terminology you choose – doesn’t have a judgmental vocabulary.  It only knows energy and the level of vibration – that’s also the study of Quantum Physics!  It’s mathematical or science or both, but it’s not a value judgment!

So let’s get back to us and the salmon. 

Thankfully, we are different than salmon because we have a very complex brain!  And we can bypass our programming if we devote some time and attention to it!  Just because we may have been told as children that the only way to get ahead is to “work hard” and that our current culture still supports that paradigm, doesn’t mean we are compelled ever-after-more to follow it!

Because as humans, we have the power of choice!  Once we become aware of other options, we can dwell a pause, re-evaluate and make a different choice if we want!

That’s one of the things that makes us different than salmon!

And that’s very ZEN!

The point is that if we are constantly struggling and striving, aka swimming upstream, we DO get too tired, physically, emotionally and spiritually to ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

And ENJOYING THE JOURNEY is the whole reason we are here!  We wanted to have a human experience because it had variety and because it gave us opportunities to expand our experience energetically.  As Divine Source we believe that being human is FUN!  And then, as we take on human form, we FORGET THAT!

And we come out of the shoot, a bit like the salmon!  Pre-programmed by our mere humanity for struggle and strife.


Let’s knock it off!

Let’s choose again!

Let’s use our physical brains to re-evaluate!

Let’s remember our Divine intention!

Look – I get that there are some things we still feel we “have to” do . . . like laundry and going to work.  But don’t let those “have to’s” become the “onlys” . . . .

Don’t let your whole life be about traveling from one “have to” to the next!  We miss the point entirely when we allow ourselves to do that.  We go back to being salmon!

See if you can reduce the number of “have to’s” in your life.

See if you can change your attitude about a “have to” into an “I choose to” or even better “I WANT to.”

See if you can remember to literally stop and smell the roses in between the “have to’s”  and  really be consciously present in the now moment the next time you give the family pet a pet! Or really notice the twinkle in your beloved’s eye.  Or the sparkle of the morning dew on the grass.

Even while you are in the midst of a “have to” you can stop and become grateful. Appreciate the RESULT of the “have to” – in the laundry example… it may seem like the chore but who doesn’t love the smell and feel of fresh sheets on the bed! Or clean knickers!!!

While I certainly do not want to malign the magnificent salmon as a species, I do want us to remember that we are different.

We have the power of choice.

We do not “have to” swim upstream and die of exhaustion.

Let’s choose a little ease and grace shall we?

Let’s ZEN shall we . . .




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