Recently, once again, the subject of  WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WHEN I GROW UP, has resurfaced. I’ve been focused on being official Wedding Planner for Daughter Dearest’s wedding next month but am realizing that once that project is complete . . . and I have RECUPERATED . . . I will be ready for a new project.

By my own conscious creation, I am in the blessed position of having that choice. I do not have a 9-5 gig and I take on only the clients I choose, when I choose (or when God chooses me 😉 ). And sometimes, well, often times, I feel guilty about that. I also feel a bit of shame around being so fortunate, even though I worked very hard, on every level of Body, Mind and Spirit to create my current reality.

Coincidentally, at this time, I was notified of my annual renewal in a business group I have valued greatly for 2 years now. It is led by my AB FAB FAVORITE Business Mentor and Friend, Jeanna Gabellini. I was feeling a lot of conflict about whether to re-up or not and it was time for a friendly catchup, so Jeanna and I hopped on Skype to discuss.

After catching up on kids, weddings, travel and family, we got down to the business question at hand. I explained where I am at and stated that I really didn’t know what to do about it. And Jeanna . . . in her inimitable fabulously direct way, with a twinkle in her eye said . . . .

. . . .

why don’t you just OWN IT!



And my jaw dropped.


Just OWN IT?

Not beat myself up?

Not be ashamed?

Not let the ego trick me into believing I was confused?

YEP! She said. Just relax and allow into it and see what comes next!


. . . . .REALLLY????


Own the fact that I have consciously created this path. Own the fact that I have the absolute right to make whatever CHOICE I want! Own the fact that there is no Right or Wrong choice! Own the fact that I get to be as happy as I want to be . . . or rather, as I ALLOW MYSELF to be!

The concept actually dovetails perfectly with another AHA moment I had a few weeks ago after discovering that I had sprained my sacroiliac (pelvis) and pulled a ligament months ago, which I had attempted to self treat, and ignore, until the pain became too intense to continue to deal with on my own.

It occurred to me after my osteopath diagnosed the condition that it was time for some EXTREME SELF CARE . . . not just with my Body, but with the Inner Dialogue that had convinced me to carry on despite the pain.

Because, you see, I didn’t OWN the pain either! And if I had, I would have sought a more appropriate solution a lot sooner!

So Dear Ones . . . I ask you today to consider . . .  “WHAT DO YOU NEED TO OWN TODAY?”

Whatever it is, take ownership with compassion and humility as your Divine Companions and then determine what is your next step now that you are willing to integrate the experience or situation FULLY.

Then proceed boldly, albeit gently, forward . . . as fast or slow as you feel you are Divinely Guided!

And leave a comment where you are headed so I can cheer you on!!! 🙂


Peace and Blessings!

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