Is Your Past HAUNTING You? Overcoming the Past

I realize that for many of us, overcoming the past and focusing on the future can be a speedbump.  Poems about overcoming the past  can be helpful and Spirit downloaded this one to me recently.  




Now What? Get it?


Because now that you finished that sentence and are reading this one, it IS your future, and whatever you were thinking, feeling, being or doing a sentence or two ago, is brought forward energetically into NOW.

So NOW we want to create the most joyful moments we can because we want to bring JOY and PEACE and all those good kinda vibes forward right?  At least if we want our future to be filled with THOSE kinds of good juju!

But what do we do about those past moments that we didn’t feel so happy or peaceful?  What about those moments that may have felt downright yucky?  What do we do about THOSE you may be asking.

Here’s the answer:  “Leave ’em in the PAST because 

the time has PASSED!”

Yes, it’s true, you may have brought a bit of yucky energy into your present because you didn’t know any better or couldn’t do any better AT THE TIME.

But here’s the tricky bit — every time you revisit the Past . . . you are bringing it back AGAIN into the NOW . . . and into your future!

You actually re-activate the same yucky vibes every time you think about “that” person, “that” event, “that” situation.

Not very useful really is it?

There are only a couple of useful things to come out of re-visiting a past experience:

1.    To course-correct – see where you went off your path so you can re-align with where you really want to go;  or

 2.    To uplift your perception of it so that you actually generate new, more positive energy In your present.

It serves absolutely NO useful purpose to rehash an old hurt or painful wound otherwise.  Oh I get how easy it is to fall back when you hear a certain song on the radio, or happen across an old photo while clearing up your desk . . . but the next time that happens . . . choose to remember reading this . . . and in THAT moment . . . DON’T GO into the pain.

Catch yourself!  Become conscious of what you are feeling!  Become conscious of the mind-chatter!  Once you become conscious, you activate your ability to CHOOSE how you WANT to feel, what you WANT to do next!

Sometimes you’ll be ready to review the situation from a more neutral position and see if you can find the blessing and/or change your perception.

But sometimes all you need to do is just MOVE ALONG to the next thing.  Put the picture back where you found it, change the radio station!  You become pro-active in your own life when you make those decisions!  The actions will lead you to better feeling thoughts instantly, if only because you won’t be dwelling on the past pain.

Better still you can re-focus your attention on something that opens your heart or puts a smile on your face!  Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Think of someone you really love
  • Pat your pet
  • Put on your favorite happy song
  • Actually SING your favorite happy song

The second you choose a better-feeling thought or take a better-feeling action you take a giant leap forward towards a happier future and you get the added benefit of feeling better RIGHT NOW!

Pretty cool eh?


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