How To Easily Create Your Own Miracle


Generally speaking, most of us have a perception of a ‘miracle’ as something quite rare and not easily attainable!

Nothing could be further from the Truth!

A Course In Miracles defines ‘miracle’ as a shift in perception from the feeling of FEAR to the feeling of LOVE.

That’s it!

Not complicated!

Easily attainable!

The primary block to feeling Love, is not the fear. Rather it is our lack of awareness and/or acknowledgement that fear exists around the issue.

Once you identify and acknowledge that you are afraid (often around losing something you think is yours to have, or not getting something you think you must have for your happiness), then you can change your thoughts about the issue to acceptance of what IS.

After that it is only a short hop to Love! Loving yourself for becoming aware of your fear and having the willingness to transform it!

And THAT my friends, is how you create your very own miracle!


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