Do You KNOW Who You Are?




Let me start off by telling you who you are NOT.

You are NOT your fat.

You are NOT your bank account.

You are NOT your zip code.

You are NOT your degree/certification or lack thereof.

You are NOT your job title . . . even if that’s Mother/Father or Brain Surgeon.

You most certain are NOT your To-Do List or worse yet . . . your I HAVEN’T DONE list!

When we whip around our human experience, it’s way too easy to get caught up In all that human, physical stuff.

Oh I get we live in a physical world. I get that there are always errands to run, people to see and laundry that needs doing.

But don’t let all that divert your attention from who you really are.

And for goodness sake don’t let all that DEFINE who you really are!

You are an infinite being.



Your POWERS are immeasurable!

Your TALENTS are immeasurable!

Your ABILITY TO LOVE is immeasurable!


Get it? INFINITE – withOUT measure!

So don’t measure yourself by your dress size. Or your house size. Or your bank account size.

If you are having one of THOSE days, or THOSE moments, where you have temporarily forgotten who you REALLY are . . . try this little exercise.

Use your gift of thought to picture or feel or think about the ocean. When you have the picture/feeling or sensation firmly planted in your mind . . . start counting the drops of water in the ocean.

What? Ridiculous you say? Too many to count?





Just like your heart. Just like how much happiness you bring to those who care about you.

Just like how much power you have to change someone’s life with a hug or a smile or those FABU chocolate chip cookies that only YOU can make.


And don’t you forget it!

(OK – well . . . maybe you should print this and cut it out somewhere to remind you . . . just in case!)




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