Once upon a time we learned who we are, why we are here and our place in our community through the art of storytelling.

Once upon a time everybody had a story and everybody’s story was important to the growth, expansion and development of the community in which they lived.

Today however our personal knowledge and experience is not as appreciated as it once was and now that we no longer share our stories we feel less connected to the world around us and we feel less connected to our own inner power, strength and purpose. For many this leaves a big gap in their lives. I want you to really understand in every fiber of your being just how crucial you are to the world around you.

Your Message Matters

We all come here for reason, we all come here for a purpose, we all come to share our knowledge and expand our communities. And we come to do this by telling our story by sharing our knowledge and by expanding the connectedness in the world around us. This not only fills the gap that most people feel but also helps fill the gaps in those around us. Together we all play a part in finding our place in the divine web.

Your message or story be it personal or business has a place in this world. But more importantly it has a community a tribe if you will that is waiting to hear it, read it and share it. Somewhere in a place you may never know of there are others waiting, no needing what you have to offer. Your message is that important.

It can be all too easy to think that in a world that is nosier then ever that what you have to offer wouldn’t even matter at all. But the truth of the matter is the more noise the more need for people to be able to cut through that noise. The art of storytelling is needed more now then ever before.

Right now people are looking for real connections to others. For real solutions to real problems and for inspiration to assist them in achieving something that they feel may be beyond their grasp. If you have ever had a book change your life then you know exactly what I am talking about. That book that moved you was someone elses message or story. The only difference between the person who wrote the book that changed your life and you is that they wrote their story. They committed to their message and they shared it with their tribe.

You can too.

I believe you have something very important to say share and teach.

I believe it is time to bring storytelling back to our community.

Remember your story matters, tell it now.

 Leeza Robertson is a published author with best selling books on Amazon, Kindle and Nook. She also runs programs to assist others in living their dream of becoming a best selling author in under 7days. Find out more at

Because It’s MY Body

Ragen Chastain, the author of this article, is one of my MOST FAVE Size Acceptance advocates and after reading this, you will probably agree!


Because It’s My Body!

I was recently asked why we don’t weigh people like luggage to determine the cost of their airline ticket. Sure, particularly muscular and/or tall people would likely flip out since they would assume that this wasn’t meant for them but was rather was a punitive means of punishing fat people.  And obviously you can’t tell whether or not someone will fit in a seat by their weight.  But those aren’t the real reason that it’s not ok.

The real reason is that it’s not luggageIt’s my body.

It’s not a representation of greed or capitalism.  It’s my body.

It’s not a picture without a head to accompany yet another OMGDEATHFAT article.  It’s my body

It’s not a stand-in for my true health and well being.  It’s my body.

It’s not for you to judge. It’s my body

Do you get it?  It’s my body. So back off.

My body is far too valuable to be treated like a car whose worth is lowered because of some wear and tear.  It’s far too astounding to be a metaphor or a political statement.  It’s far too complicated to run on the same formula used to fuel a lawn mower. It is far too profound to be reduced to a ratio of weight and height.  And it is far too amazing to be judged by anyone.

Because it’s my body.

Ragen Chastain

AUTHOR:  Ragen Chastain
FROM WEBSITE:  Dances With Fat

THE ZEN OF SALMON: How To Stop Swimming Upstream

What do you and salmon have in common?


Perhaps that you (and I) spend quite a bit of our lives swimming upstream! Fine tuning our goals, believing and having more self awareness is the focus.

Salmon are “programmed” to reproduce in the same waters from which they were hatched.  The problem is that they are hatched in fresh water, but live in salt water as adults.  When their internal clock says it’s time to spawn, they use their sense of smell among other things, to return to their birthplace, hook up with a mate and after making several nests (called redds) they eventually expire from exhaustion!

Sadly, some of us humans do the same – although without the clear purpose (reproduction) of the salmon.

That’s not very Zen-like!

We have a purpose – to make life better for our kids, to build a business that will last, or whatever it may be, and we determinedly pursue our purpose with all the right and good intentions as we push ourselves from one goal to the next, one achievement to the next, one dream to the next.

And if you are enjoying that ride – then GOOD ONYA as the English say!

But for many of us, myself included, that constant pushing onward and upward becomes exhausting and more importantly, disillusioning.  We get caught up in a cycle of constantly STRIVING and STRUGGLING for an ever-illusive bigger and better goal, dream or aspiration.

Is it wrong to want something more than you currently have?

Not necessarily.  After all, according  to the Law of Attraction, each “wanting” sends an energetic Rocket of Desire to the Universe and when we align our thoughts and actions energetically to that desire, we manifest it.  It’s how we “get stuff”!

And also, nothing can ever be “wrong” per se!  It’s all just a step in our human journey.  Wrong is a word in the human vocabulary, but the soul, the Universe, God, Universal Source Energy – whatever terminology you choose – doesn’t have a judgmental vocabulary.  It only knows energy and the level of vibration – that’s also the study of Quantum Physics!  It’s mathematical or science or both, but it’s not a value judgment!

So let’s get back to us and the salmon. 

Thankfully, we are different than salmon because we have a very complex brain!  And we can bypass our programming if we devote some time and attention to it!  Just because we may have been told as children that the only way to get ahead is to “work hard” and that our current culture still supports that paradigm, doesn’t mean we are compelled ever-after-more to follow it!

Because as humans, we have the power of choice!  Once we become aware of other options, we can dwell a pause, re-evaluate and make a different choice if we want!

That’s one of the things that makes us different than salmon!

And that’s very ZEN!

The point is that if we are constantly struggling and striving, aka swimming upstream, we DO get too tired, physically, emotionally and spiritually to ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

And ENJOYING THE JOURNEY is the whole reason we are here!  We wanted to have a human experience because it had variety and because it gave us opportunities to expand our experience energetically.  As Divine Source we believe that being human is FUN!  And then, as we take on human form, we FORGET THAT!

And we come out of the shoot, a bit like the salmon!  Pre-programmed by our mere humanity for struggle and strife.


Let’s knock it off!

Let’s choose again!

Let’s use our physical brains to re-evaluate!

Let’s remember our Divine intention!

Look – I get that there are some things we still feel we “have to” do . . . like laundry and going to work.  But don’t let those “have to’s” become the “onlys” . . . .

Don’t let your whole life be about traveling from one “have to” to the next!  We miss the point entirely when we allow ourselves to do that.  We go back to being salmon!

See if you can reduce the number of “have to’s” in your life.

See if you can change your attitude about a “have to” into an “I choose to” or even better “I WANT to.”

See if you can remember to literally stop and smell the roses in between the “have to’s”  and  really be consciously present in the now moment the next time you give the family pet a pet! Or really notice the twinkle in your beloved’s eye.  Or the sparkle of the morning dew on the grass.

Even while you are in the midst of a “have to” you can stop and become grateful. Appreciate the RESULT of the “have to” – in the laundry example… it may seem like the chore but who doesn’t love the smell and feel of fresh sheets on the bed! Or clean knickers!!!

While I certainly do not want to malign the magnificent salmon as a species, I do want us to remember that we are different.

We have the power of choice.

We do not “have to” swim upstream and die of exhaustion.

Let’s choose a little ease and grace shall we?

Let’s ZEN shall we . . .




Defining Moments…In Terms of Size

I loved this reminder about how common place it is to define people in terms of size.  It’s no wonder that at least here in the USA, even young girls have self-acceptance and low-self-esteem issues, contributed to heavily by the media incessantly promoting their very narrow (pun intended) version of size acceptance.  The  article’s author, Sassy Minx herself Lisa Clark,  makes her point humorously which makes it easy to read, but no less meaningful!


THE ‘FAT’ vs. ‘THIN’ DEBATE . . . yawn . . . .




Seriously, enough already.

Every year, when London Fashion Week rolls around, you will find me rolling my eyes at the complete predictability of it all.

In the same way that, every year, come what may, on the 27th December, you’ll be bombarded with celebrities pimping their exercise DVDs and the diet industry launching a never-ending supply of supposed ‘I-can-make-you-thin’ prodz, London Fashion Week sparks the same debate – fashion models are too skinny, there should be more voluptuous women on the catwalk, yada, yada, yada.

I’m a size 18. I’m hot. I have a gorgeous friend who is a size 8, she’s hot too. Society would like to label us ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ yet we both totally rock the bodies we’re in, because the size written on the label in our knickers, is NOT an indication of our awesomeness. Last night, I went to the dress rehearsal for our burlesque show on Saturday, and the girls I perform alongside are a truly delicious array of lovely shapes and sizes because, despite what the media will have you believe, girl-kind come in a gazillion different juicy-juicy forms, not just ’skinny’ and ‘fat’.

Putting a ‘voluptuous’ (which in media terminology usually means a UK size 12) model on the catwalk isn’t an insta-fix to the crazy-assed obsession we have with body image in our society right now, in the same way that highlighting how ’skinny’ someone is, or creating niche markets for ‘plus’ size girls won’t cut it either.

Last week, Adele was called a ‘little bit fat’ by Karl Lagerfeld, and then, when she won 7 Grammys at the weekend, the media celebrated the awesome talent of ‘curvy Adele’. What’s the size of her hips got to do with either Karl OR her freakin’ AMAZING talent?

Nothing. It’s bullshit.

As a self-esteem coach and agony aunt for Mizz magazine, I find myself continually exasperated/fucked off/annoyed by society’s endless need to label and define girl-kind by their body size, and as for the endless ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ debate, it just perpetuates the message that no matter what your size, as a girl/woman in the world, you’re never ‘quite’ good enough. Which, FYI, is simply not true. I work on a daily basis in all my work to ensure that girls and women of ALL shapes and sizes, love themselves JUST AS THEY ARE.

I know, controversial, right?

Niches, labels, ‘fat’ and ‘thin debates just continue to highlight the differences between girl-kind, which is why I’m on a mission to create media products that celebrate women in ALL their fabulous forms, not just for the clothes they wear or the size of their hips – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes, shoes and make-up, but they most deffo don’t define me – but for their talents and skillz, their business savvy and their YOU-nique qualities too – get ready, the SASSY-fication o’ girl-kind is coming, g-friends – you in?

The future is bright, the future is girl-shaped. And FYI. That’s the shape you’re currently in, ‘k?!


AUTHOR: Lisa Clark
FROM WEBSITE: The Sassy Minx


Herman vs. Your Heart? Who Wins? Who’s Herman?



I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing your inner voices don’t always “play nice” inside your head right? Especially when you want to do something new that feels a little scary!

It’s a topic I write about often because it’s a topic that is so much a part of our daily lives . . . our inner mind chatter.

It’s usually brutal isn’t it? I mean when I stop for a few minutes, even after all these years of self-development and self-improvement and consciousness awareness, blah blah blah, and I listen to what is going on in my head . . . I’m frequently astonished.


It’s usually brutal isn’t it? I mean when I stop for a few minutes, even after all these years of self-development and self-improvement and consciousness awareness, blah blah blah, and I listen to what is going on in my head . . . I’m frequently astonished.


I’ve named my ego Herman. After Herman Munster in the old TV series. In my mind Herman was an OK guy who just often got it wrong while trying to be helpful. Our ego is trying to be helpful. It’s trying to keep us safe. That’s not a bad thing.

Clearly, we don’t want to be playing in traffic or sticking our wet hands into light sockets. Herman is good for protecting us from that kind of stuff.

But he honestly doesn’t know the difference between me playing in traffic, or me doing something different – like deciding to do more videos and article writing so that I can help more people. Because Herman doesn’t have the discernment to recognize WHY I’m doing something different. He only knows that “something different” means I might be unsafe . . . and that triggers him into “I better keep her safe at any cost” mode!


So how does that show up? Well for many of us, including me, one of the ways is procrastination. Instead of writing the new blog post, I decide to suddenly install a new plug in on my website. Or do the dishes. Or hang out reading Facebook posts. Or check my email 100 times.

Herman has it DOWN I tell you! He does an OUTSTANDING job of keeping me safe! All of those distractions keep me from writing the blog post! YAY Herman!

Oh . . . but . . . Divine Spirit is also telling me I’m here to serve. I’m here to help. I’m here to have fun and make money too! And that requires some conscious choices. Some focus inspired action.


The kind of focus inspired action that gives Herman a heart attack and makes him jump off the couch and start acting like a drill sergeant! Where he tells me to just “click here – it will only take a minute . . . ” and then another minute, and then an hour, and then a few hours, and then I STILL haven’t accomplished my inspired action and written the bloody blog post!

It may be something different for you. Maybe your goal is make more time for you. But suddenly you find that you have even LESS time because all kinds of “things” are getting in your way! That’s a sign that your Inner Herman is in charge!

It doesn’t matter WHAT your goal, dream, aspiration is. If it’s out of the “norm” for you . . . especially if it’s a stretch from your usual comfort zone . . . it’s most likely gonna kick your Herman into gear!

But here’s the really good news . . . 

You know I always like to give you the good news right?

The Good News is that your Divine Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Universal Messenger, whatever you want to call it/him/her . . . has got your back!!

In times like this, I like to picture my Divine Spirit wearing a Superman cape! In this instance “he” swoops in and gives me the pep talk I need to extract myself from Herman’s well-meaning clutches!

Divine Spirit reminds me (and you) . . . that I have the power to make choices in my life that feel good. That I have the power to choose which voice I want to listen to. That I have the power to take a baby step closer to what I really really want and that I’m not doing it alone because all of the powers of the Universe are conspiring on my behalf for my highest good ALL THE TIME!


All the powers of the Universe are conspiring on YOUR behalf for YOUR highest good ALL THE TIME. 

But there is that “free will” thing . . . so you gotta ask ’em for support . . . and once you do – BAM! They’re INSTANTLY on the J-O-B – just like Superman.

So Dear Ones . . . if you aren’t getting what you are wanting. . . start paying attention to what voices you are listening to! And if it’s your version of Herman, call in the calvary! Call in Superman, the Fairy Godmother, Jesus or anything or anyone else you want that will remind you that you have the power to choose again.

And . . . that’s certainly something I can help you with!  Mentoring with me  on an ongoing basis to give you a consistent boost may be exactly what you need right now!  Here’s all the info!

REMEMBER THIS WEEK:  It’s OK to tell Herman to “eff off” if necessary to maintain your Inner Peace!



One of the most damaging ways we muck up our inner peace is playing the comparison game.  The image below says it all pretty clearly!
Frankly, we’re just silly when we look at a picture in a magazine, or a model in a TV ad and then look down at our very human, non-air-brushed, non-photoshopped bodies and call ourselves ugly, fat, or whatever!

Trust me!  No matter how pretty that model may be, s/he didn’t get out of bed looking THAT good!!!  And, even if she did (NOT), that’s not to say that when SHE looks in the mirror, she sees herself as FLAWLESS!

Demi Moore, the well-known and acclaimed actress, was recently quoted in a magazine about how uncomfortable she feels about her looks — even after appearing in movies where she played a stripper and a military officer!  Even HAVING a flawless body, doesn’t mean you FEEL GOOD or BELIEVE your body is beautiful!

So where does that leave us?

Actually in a really cool place!


Yes!  YOU HAVE THE POWER!  Not the frickin media!  You get to decide what’s beautiful to you.  And when you do . . . I highly suggest you do it through the eyes of your heart and not your Inner Critic!

Your heart, your Divine Self, only has the capacity to see GORGEOUSNESS!  And EVERYTHING is gorgeous through its eyes.  Yes, even the flab, the cellulite, the dark circles under your eyes, the not-right hair or WHATEVER!

Divine Spirit doesn’t see any of that — and you have the power and the choice AND THE RESPONSIBILITY to choose what you see also!



I’m 100% certain you will feel better about your body if you do!

P.S. COMMENT BELOW and share your GORGEOUSNESS revealed after reading this post. 🙂


I’m a huge fan of baby steps, chunking things down to bite size pieces and honoring your fears and resistance.  I don’t think beating yourself up ever serves a useful purpose.


BUT . . . .

At the end of the day . . . . .

Most of the time . . . if you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want what you are focused on consciously creating . . .


You eventually have to . . . .




You can hem and haw . . . you can eat chocolate . . . you can take a bath . . . a walk . . . or even clean the grout in your shower . . . but eventually . . .


You will come back to . . .




Because you must.

Because it is who you are.

Because it is why you are here.

Because if you don’t you will make yourself nuts.

It doesn’t matter how big the “it” thing is . . . or how small . . . or how seemingly unimportant.

The capital “T” Truth is  . . . that if you are resisting, stalling, making excuses, rationalizing, eating chocolate or anything else rather than just doing IT . . . there’s a message in “IT” for you and you won’t find the message until you take the action and . . .



Bitch, moan, groan, whine, whinge, stall . . . . it’s all OK.

It just keeps you from being in your peace for that much longer . . . .

But eventually . . . .

You will realize . . . . .

That you’re gonna have to . . . .



And when you do . . . . REMEMBER THIS:

All the powers of light in the Universe . . .

will be holding your hand . . . .

giving you wings . . . .

preparing the way ahead of you . . . .

shining the light into the darkness . . . .


and . . .


seeing the REAL you, The DIVINE You . . .



and so will I, if you post your leap here in the comments section!!

Go ahead . . . .






Too fat to be a Pus Size Model – At Size 14?

The picture that caused a storm in the fashion world

Lizzie Miller is considered too large to model plus-size clothes. Is the reaction that followed the publication of this picture going to change that?

lizzie miller

‘It’s a photo that measures all of three by three inches,” gushes Cindi Leive, editor of US Glamour in a post on the magazine’s blog, “but the letters about it started to flood my inbox literally the day Glamour hit newsstands.” The picture in question, illustrating a story about body confidence, has generated more than 700 comments on the site, and featured on the US Today morning TV programme. What does it show? A beautiful, creamy-skinned naked model . . . with a small roll of stomach fat.
Lizzie Miller, the 20-year-old model in question, agrees that it’s astonishing that, at 5ft 11in and 12.5 stone she’s considered a “plus size” model. “It’s sad,” she says. “In the industry anything over size six is considered a plus-size.” Miller, who is around a US size 12-14 (that is, either average or slightly below average) lost about 60lb when she was 13 but today she is considered too large to model for plus-size lines Marina Rinaldi (she says, “they like girls who are an 8-10”) or Elena Miro. She says that the overwhelming reaction to the tiny photograph, buried on page 194 of Glamour magazine “shows that the world is hungry to see pictures of normal women.”
One wouldn’t have thought this would be news. As Miller says, “pretty much every picture in a magazine or ad is airbrushed . . . I don’t think the public understands how much smoke and mirrors are involved in making women look like that.”
So does the reaction to this picture mean that the tide is turning? Hardly. Even after the deluge of emails, Leive hasn’t made a commitment to using average-sized women in fashion shoots, saying only that the magazine wants to celebrate “all kinds of beauty”. The outcome for Miller, though, has been more positive. She has received more offers of work since the picture was published. And her model agency, Wilhelmina, has told her that she mustn’t lose any weight.

(this is a copy of a post that appeared in 
by Naomi Alderman, The Guardian, Wed 2 Sep 2009 00.05 BST)



Finding Your Voice: Using Intuitive Eating as a Guide to an Intuitive Life

by Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD & Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC
originally published December 08 2011

The process of becoming an intuitive eater can act as a powerful metaphor for understanding the places in us that scare us the most. When we learn to say “yes” or “no” to foods in response to a connection to what we know in our bodies, that same knowing begins to be available in other areas of our lives. These areas may have been long ignored, or under-explored due to the amount of time and space worry and obsessive thoughts about food take up, but becoming an intuitive eater allows us to start seeing ourselves as whole for the first time in a long time.

When we are struggling to set boundaries in our lives and relationships, we are challenged to have boundaries with food. It just seems to work like that. When we begin to understand our body’s requests and begin to have permission to enjoy food and stop eating food, then all of a sudden, we begin to seek and require boundaries in other parts of our lives.

The challenge here may be that eating and food have always stepped in when assertiveness and boundaries were actually what was needed. Many of us never really learned how to state our limits to the people around us, and food (or spending, drinking, etc., etc.) supported us by creating a reliable, albeit temporary, buffer between us and discomfort in our relationships.

Learning to ask for what you need and feeling entitled to do so can be very intimidating because it may not be something you have had to do before. Many have stated that “it feels easier” not to, although it is clear that not having an authentic voice for many years has been far from easy. When our voices are diminished we lose connection to our innate joy, talents, wisdom and sense of place in ourselves.

In The Dance of Connection author Harriet Lerner suggests that the challenge “in conversations is not just to be our self, but to be the self we want to be. That’s why we don’t discover who we are by sitting alone on a mountaintop and meditating, or by being introspective and going deeper, as valuable as these disciplines might be. The royal road for discovering and reinventing the self is through our relationships with other people and the conversations we engage in.”

Not engaging authentically with the world from behind the mask of disordered eating is a powerful and creative coping method that was developed when needed the most. Stepping out from behind the mask of poor body image and dysmorphic ideas about yourself is the way to heal all the way through.

Brene Brown, a researcher who studies the impacts of shame, uses the following mantra to stay true to her authentic voice. “Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Just stand your sacred ground.” We are all entitled to take up space and use our voices to secure that space. It takes practice to really know this is true.

Practice intuitive eating and let that be a guide for getting your voice back.

In 2005 therapist Hilary Kinavey and nutritionist Dana Sturtevant started facilitating groups to help women let go of food/weight obsession. Realizing that they shared a similar approach and philosophy regarding food, weight, body image and health – one directly counter to that of conventional institutional paradigms – the two decided to merge their practices to create a partnership that would offer a revolutionary approach to women seeking answers about eating disorders, weight concerns, exercise, and nutrition. Thus, Be Nourished was born. Encouraging a non-diet approach to food, weight and health, Be Nourished offers individual counseling, workshops, classes and retreats to tackle topics like conscious eating, hunger awareness, body acceptance, and self-compassion. For more information, visit Be Nourished.


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