Recently, once again, the subject of  WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WHEN I GROW UP, has resurfaced. I’ve been focused on being official Wedding Planner for Daughter Dearest’s wedding next month but am realizing that once that project is complete . . . and I have RECUPERATED . . . I will be ready for a new project.

By my own conscious creation, I am in the blessed position of having that choice. I do not have a 9-5 gig and I take on only the clients I choose, when I choose (or when God chooses me 😉 ). And sometimes, well, often times, I feel guilty about that. I also feel a bit of shame around being so fortunate, even though I worked very hard, on every level of Body, Mind and Spirit to create my current reality.

Coincidentally, at this time, I was notified of my annual renewal in a business group I have valued greatly for 2 years now. It is led by my AB FAB FAVORITE Business Mentor and Friend, Jeanna Gabellini. I was feeling a lot of conflict about whether to re-up or not and it was time for a friendly catchup, so Jeanna and I hopped on Skype to discuss.

After catching up on kids, weddings, travel and family, we got down to the business question at hand. I explained where I am at and stated that I really didn’t know what to do about it. And Jeanna . . . in her inimitable fabulously direct way, with a twinkle in her eye said . . . .

. . . .

why don’t you just OWN IT!



And my jaw dropped.


Just OWN IT?

Not beat myself up?

Not be ashamed?

Not let the ego trick me into believing I was confused?

YEP! She said. Just relax and allow into it and see what comes next!


. . . . .REALLLY????


Own the fact that I have consciously created this path. Own the fact that I have the absolute right to make whatever CHOICE I want! Own the fact that there is no Right or Wrong choice! Own the fact that I get to be as happy as I want to be . . . or rather, as I ALLOW MYSELF to be!

The concept actually dovetails perfectly with another AHA moment I had a few weeks ago after discovering that I had sprained my sacroiliac (pelvis) and pulled a ligament months ago, which I had attempted to self treat, and ignore, until the pain became too intense to continue to deal with on my own.

It occurred to me after my osteopath diagnosed the condition that it was time for some EXTREME SELF CARE . . . not just with my Body, but with the Inner Dialogue that had convinced me to carry on despite the pain.

Because, you see, I didn’t OWN the pain either! And if I had, I would have sought a more appropriate solution a lot sooner!

So Dear Ones . . . I ask you today to consider . . .  “WHAT DO YOU NEED TO OWN TODAY?”

Whatever it is, take ownership with compassion and humility as your Divine Companions and then determine what is your next step now that you are willing to integrate the experience or situation FULLY.

Then proceed boldly, albeit gently, forward . . . as fast or slow as you feel you are Divinely Guided!

And leave a comment where you are headed so I can cheer you on!!! 🙂


Peace and Blessings!

How To Easily Create Your Own Miracle


Generally speaking, most of us have a perception of a ‘miracle’ as something quite rare and not easily attainable!

Nothing could be further from the Truth!

A Course In Miracles defines ‘miracle’ as a shift in perception from the feeling of FEAR to the feeling of LOVE.

That’s it!

Not complicated!

Easily attainable!

The primary block to feeling Love, is not the fear. Rather it is our lack of awareness and/or acknowledgement that fear exists around the issue.

Once you identify and acknowledge that you are afraid (often around losing something you think is yours to have, or not getting something you think you must have for your happiness), then you can change your thoughts about the issue to acceptance of what IS.

After that it is only a short hop to Love! Loving yourself for becoming aware of your fear and having the willingness to transform it!

And THAT my friends, is how you create your very own miracle!




Happiness Is A CHOICE

It’s magically simple actually!

Your happiness is not dependent on a person, place or thing happening TO you!

Your happiness is 1000% dependent on your CHOICE to be happy REGARDLESS of what is going on around you!

No!  I am NOT crazy!

Even in the midst of tragedy you can choose to see the good in the situation or find something to be happy about.  I’m not saying you should not honor the feelings that are appropriate in the moment.  If you are in a burning building trying to get out . . . run like hell and GET OUT!  But once you are safe again, there is no reason not to CHOOSE HAPPY that you are safe rather than replaying the fearful moments of running from the building!

On a more mundane note, you may not like your job . . . but that is not a reason to not be happy!  Surely there is someone there that you like?  Or even perhaps a pen on your desk that is way cool?  Or the fact that you get a paycheck that allows you to buy food and shelter?

It’s all a point of view!

Change your perspective!

Choose HAPPY now!!

Joyful Blessings to your new choices!!!

PROUD To Be An American



Defining Moments…In Terms of Size

I loved this reminder about how common place it is to define people in terms of size.  It’s no wonder that at least here in the USA, even young girls have self-acceptance and low-self-esteem issues, contributed to heavily by the media incessantly promoting their very narrow (pun intended) version of size acceptance.  The  article’s author, Sassy Minx herself Lisa Clark,  makes her point humorously which makes it easy to read, but no less meaningful!


THE ‘FAT’ vs. ‘THIN’ DEBATE . . . yawn . . . .




Seriously, enough already.

Every year, when London Fashion Week rolls around, you will find me rolling my eyes at the complete predictability of it all.

In the same way that, every year, come what may, on the 27th December, you’ll be bombarded with celebrities pimping their exercise DVDs and the diet industry launching a never-ending supply of supposed ‘I-can-make-you-thin’ prodz, London Fashion Week sparks the same debate – fashion models are too skinny, there should be more voluptuous women on the catwalk, yada, yada, yada.

I’m a size 18. I’m hot. I have a gorgeous friend who is a size 8, she’s hot too. Society would like to label us ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ yet we both totally rock the bodies we’re in, because the size written on the label in our knickers, is NOT an indication of our awesomeness. Last night, I went to the dress rehearsal for our burlesque show on Saturday, and the girls I perform alongside are a truly delicious array of lovely shapes and sizes because, despite what the media will have you believe, girl-kind come in a gazillion different juicy-juicy forms, not just ’skinny’ and ‘fat’.

Putting a ‘voluptuous’ (which in media terminology usually means a UK size 12) model on the catwalk isn’t an insta-fix to the crazy-assed obsession we have with body image in our society right now, in the same way that highlighting how ’skinny’ someone is, or creating niche markets for ‘plus’ size girls won’t cut it either.

Last week, Adele was called a ‘little bit fat’ by Karl Lagerfeld, and then, when she won 7 Grammys at the weekend, the media celebrated the awesome talent of ‘curvy Adele’. What’s the size of her hips got to do with either Karl OR her freakin’ AMAZING talent?

Nothing. It’s bullshit.

As a self-esteem coach and agony aunt for Mizz magazine, I find myself continually exasperated/fucked off/annoyed by society’s endless need to label and define girl-kind by their body size, and as for the endless ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ debate, it just perpetuates the message that no matter what your size, as a girl/woman in the world, you’re never ‘quite’ good enough. Which, FYI, is simply not true. I work on a daily basis in all my work to ensure that girls and women of ALL shapes and sizes, love themselves JUST AS THEY ARE.

I know, controversial, right?

Niches, labels, ‘fat’ and ‘thin debates just continue to highlight the differences between girl-kind, which is why I’m on a mission to create media products that celebrate women in ALL their fabulous forms, not just for the clothes they wear or the size of their hips – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes, shoes and make-up, but they most deffo don’t define me – but for their talents and skillz, their business savvy and their YOU-nique qualities too – get ready, the SASSY-fication o’ girl-kind is coming, g-friends – you in?

The future is bright, the future is girl-shaped. And FYI. That’s the shape you’re currently in, ‘k?!


AUTHOR: Lisa Clark
FROM WEBSITE: The Sassy Minx
DIRECT LINK: http://www.thesassyminx.com/beauty-queen/the-fat-v-thin-debate-yawn/comment-page-1/#comment-3983


Do You KNOW Who You Are?




Let me start off by telling you who you are NOT.

You are NOT your fat.

You are NOT your bank account.

You are NOT your zip code.

You are NOT your degree/certification or lack thereof.

You are NOT your job title . . . even if that’s Mother/Father or Brain Surgeon.

You most certain are NOT your To-Do List or worse yet . . . your I HAVEN’T DONE list!

When we whip around our human experience, it’s way too easy to get caught up In all that human, physical stuff.

Oh I get we live in a physical world. I get that there are always errands to run, people to see and laundry that needs doing.

But don’t let all that divert your attention from who you really are.

And for goodness sake don’t let all that DEFINE who you really are!

You are an infinite being.



Your POWERS are immeasurable!

Your TALENTS are immeasurable!

Your ABILITY TO LOVE is immeasurable!


Get it? INFINITE – withOUT measure!

So don’t measure yourself by your dress size. Or your house size. Or your bank account size.

If you are having one of THOSE days, or THOSE moments, where you have temporarily forgotten who you REALLY are . . . try this little exercise.

Use your gift of thought to picture or feel or think about the ocean. When you have the picture/feeling or sensation firmly planted in your mind . . . start counting the drops of water in the ocean.

What? Ridiculous you say? Too many to count?





Just like your heart. Just like how much happiness you bring to those who care about you.

Just like how much power you have to change someone’s life with a hug or a smile or those FABU chocolate chip cookies that only YOU can make.


And don’t you forget it!

(OK – well . . . maybe you should print this and cut it out somewhere to remind you . . . just in case!)




FAT: The Truth Behind the HYPE


FAT is a word that has  a potent impact when used as either a noun or an adjective.  I found this post by Deborah Kauffmann, RD, LDN, helpful to have a bit of science to help us understand terminology more rationally and less emotionally.



Some Fatty Basics

Like carbohydrate, dietary fat is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. 95% of dietary and body fat is in the form of triglycerides, composed of three fatty acids attached to one glycerol molecule.

There are three types of fatty acids: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. This refers to if a fatty acid is saturated with hydrogen atoms along its carbon chain, or if it could hold one more (monounsaturated) or several more (polyunsaturated).

Foods from animal sources contain mostly saturated fatty acids and foods from plant sources contain mostly unsaturated fatty acids.

Fat in the Diet

It is recommended that 20 to 35 percent of each day’s intake should come from fat. Fat provides the most concentrated source of energy for the body. It spares protein from being used for energy so that it can be used to repair and build body tissue. Fat also aids in the transport and absorption of the fat soluble vitamins – A, D, E and K.

Fat also improves the flavor, texture and aroma of foods as well as delaying stomach emptying, helping to create the feeling of satiety after a meal.

“Fattening” Foods

There is no such thing as a “fattening” food. Foods high in fat do not lead to weight gain if eaten when hungry.

During digestion, fatty acids are freed from the glycerol molecule. The glycerol molecule is converted to glucose in the liver, and both fatty acids and glucose are taken up by the cells to provide energy. Fatty acids that are not immediately used for energy are stored temporarily as triglycerides in our fat cells (adipose tissue). In between meals, these are again broken down to fatty acids and glycerol to provide the cells with energy.

We Need Fat

People tend to think it’s best to eat no or very little saturated fat, but the truth is we need all three types of fat. Saturated fat is involved in regulating the expression of several genes, regulating hormones, cell messaging and immune function.

Saturated fatty acids may also help to stop the development of cancer cells and regulate the availability of polyunsaturated fatty acids including omega-3 fatty acids.

Monounsaturated fat and the right balance of omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fats (4:1 ratio) have been shown to protect the heart, reduce risk of cancer and diabetes, boost the immune system and help with many other medical conditions. Since omega-6 fats are plentiful in our typical diet (most vegetable oils), the focus has been to encourage people to increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids (fatty fish, flaxseed, walnuts) to get the right balance.

About Body Fat 

Body fat (adipose tissue) protects vital organs from traumatic injury. Fat is part of every cell membrane and two-thirds of the brain is composed of fat. Fat is a major component of the retina, some hormones and hormone-like substances (prostaglandins), and the myelin sheath that covers our entire nervous system. A layer of subcutaneous fat maintains body temperature. It seems we are always hearing that a higher amount of body fat is unhealthy. Yet that is only true of a higher amount of visceral (deep abdominal) fat which is generally caused by lifestyle factors such as dieting, physical inactivity, stress, alcohol and smoking. In fact, research shows that a higher amount of genetically determined subcutaneous fat is associated with some health benefits – lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

I hope this clarifies some of the misunderstanding about dietary and body fat that exists in our culture. Looking forward to your comments and questions in the section below!

AUTHOR:  Deborah Kauffmann, RD, LDN
FROM WEBSITE:  More of Me to Love
DIRECT LINK:  http://www.moreofmetolove.com/blogs/entry/understanding-fat/

Is Your Past HAUNTING You? Overcoming the Past

I realize that for many of us, overcoming the past and focusing on the future can be a speedbump.  Poems about overcoming the past  can be helpful and Spirit downloaded this one to me recently.  




Now What? Get it?


Because now that you finished that sentence and are reading this one, it IS your future, and whatever you were thinking, feeling, being or doing a sentence or two ago, is brought forward energetically into NOW.

So NOW we want to create the most joyful moments we can because we want to bring JOY and PEACE and all those good kinda vibes forward right?  At least if we want our future to be filled with THOSE kinds of good juju!

But what do we do about those past moments that we didn’t feel so happy or peaceful?  What about those moments that may have felt downright yucky?  What do we do about THOSE you may be asking.

Here’s the answer:  “Leave ’em in the PAST because 

the time has PASSED!”

Yes, it’s true, you may have brought a bit of yucky energy into your present because you didn’t know any better or couldn’t do any better AT THE TIME.

But here’s the tricky bit — every time you revisit the Past . . . you are bringing it back AGAIN into the NOW . . . and into your future!

You actually re-activate the same yucky vibes every time you think about “that” person, “that” event, “that” situation.

Not very useful really is it?

There are only a couple of useful things to come out of re-visiting a past experience:

1.    To course-correct – see where you went off your path so you can re-align with where you really want to go;  or

 2.    To uplift your perception of it so that you actually generate new, more positive energy In your present.

It serves absolutely NO useful purpose to rehash an old hurt or painful wound otherwise.  Oh I get how easy it is to fall back when you hear a certain song on the radio, or happen across an old photo while clearing up your desk . . . but the next time that happens . . . choose to remember reading this . . . and in THAT moment . . . DON’T GO into the pain.

Catch yourself!  Become conscious of what you are feeling!  Become conscious of the mind-chatter!  Once you become conscious, you activate your ability to CHOOSE how you WANT to feel, what you WANT to do next!

Sometimes you’ll be ready to review the situation from a more neutral position and see if you can find the blessing and/or change your perception.

But sometimes all you need to do is just MOVE ALONG to the next thing.  Put the picture back where you found it, change the radio station!  You become pro-active in your own life when you make those decisions!  The actions will lead you to better feeling thoughts instantly, if only because you won’t be dwelling on the past pain.

Better still you can re-focus your attention on something that opens your heart or puts a smile on your face!  Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Think of someone you really love
  • Pat your pet
  • Put on your favorite happy song
  • Actually SING your favorite happy song

The second you choose a better-feeling thought or take a better-feeling action you take a giant leap forward towards a happier future and you get the added benefit of feeling better RIGHT NOW!

Pretty cool eh?



Love Yourself MORE!

You MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world by your presence.

 You are ENOUGH just as you are.

 You are AWESOME.

 You are SPECIAL.

 You are VALUABLE.

 You are NEEDED.

 You are WANTED.


 You are LOVED.


Now . . . .

Your mission, should you choose to accept it . . . 

Is . . . 

To . . . 


Herman vs. Your Heart? Who Wins? Who’s Herman?



I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing your inner voices don’t always “play nice” inside your head right? Especially when you want to do something new that feels a little scary!

It’s a topic I write about often because it’s a topic that is so much a part of our daily lives . . . our inner mind chatter.

It’s usually brutal isn’t it? I mean when I stop for a few minutes, even after all these years of self-development and self-improvement and consciousness awareness, blah blah blah, and I listen to what is going on in my head . . . I’m frequently astonished.


It’s usually brutal isn’t it? I mean when I stop for a few minutes, even after all these years of self-development and self-improvement and consciousness awareness, blah blah blah, and I listen to what is going on in my head . . . I’m frequently astonished.


I’ve named my ego Herman. After Herman Munster in the old TV series. In my mind Herman was an OK guy who just often got it wrong while trying to be helpful. Our ego is trying to be helpful. It’s trying to keep us safe. That’s not a bad thing.

Clearly, we don’t want to be playing in traffic or sticking our wet hands into light sockets. Herman is good for protecting us from that kind of stuff.

But he honestly doesn’t know the difference between me playing in traffic, or me doing something different – like deciding to do more videos and article writing so that I can help more people. Because Herman doesn’t have the discernment to recognize WHY I’m doing something different. He only knows that “something different” means I might be unsafe . . . and that triggers him into “I better keep her safe at any cost” mode!


So how does that show up? Well for many of us, including me, one of the ways is procrastination. Instead of writing the new blog post, I decide to suddenly install a new plug in on my website. Or do the dishes. Or hang out reading Facebook posts. Or check my email 100 times.

Herman has it DOWN I tell you! He does an OUTSTANDING job of keeping me safe! All of those distractions keep me from writing the blog post! YAY Herman!

Oh . . . but . . . Divine Spirit is also telling me I’m here to serve. I’m here to help. I’m here to have fun and make money too! And that requires some conscious choices. Some focus inspired action.


The kind of focus inspired action that gives Herman a heart attack and makes him jump off the couch and start acting like a drill sergeant! Where he tells me to just “click here – it will only take a minute . . . ” and then another minute, and then an hour, and then a few hours, and then I STILL haven’t accomplished my inspired action and written the bloody blog post!

It may be something different for you. Maybe your goal is make more time for you. But suddenly you find that you have even LESS time because all kinds of “things” are getting in your way! That’s a sign that your Inner Herman is in charge!

It doesn’t matter WHAT your goal, dream, aspiration is. If it’s out of the “norm” for you . . . especially if it’s a stretch from your usual comfort zone . . . it’s most likely gonna kick your Herman into gear!

But here’s the really good news . . . 

You know I always like to give you the good news right?

The Good News is that your Divine Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Universal Messenger, whatever you want to call it/him/her . . . has got your back!!

In times like this, I like to picture my Divine Spirit wearing a Superman cape! In this instance “he” swoops in and gives me the pep talk I need to extract myself from Herman’s well-meaning clutches!

Divine Spirit reminds me (and you) . . . that I have the power to make choices in my life that feel good. That I have the power to choose which voice I want to listen to. That I have the power to take a baby step closer to what I really really want and that I’m not doing it alone because all of the powers of the Universe are conspiring on my behalf for my highest good ALL THE TIME!


All the powers of the Universe are conspiring on YOUR behalf for YOUR highest good ALL THE TIME. 

But there is that “free will” thing . . . so you gotta ask ’em for support . . . and once you do – BAM! They’re INSTANTLY on the J-O-B – just like Superman.

So Dear Ones . . . if you aren’t getting what you are wanting. . . start paying attention to what voices you are listening to! And if it’s your version of Herman, call in the calvary! Call in Superman, the Fairy Godmother, Jesus or anything or anyone else you want that will remind you that you have the power to choose again.

And . . . that’s certainly something I can help you with!  Mentoring with me  on an ongoing basis to give you a consistent boost may be exactly what you need right now!  Here’s all the info!

REMEMBER THIS WEEK:  It’s OK to tell Herman to “eff off” if necessary to maintain your Inner Peace!


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