Happiness Is A CHOICE

It’s magically simple actually!

Your happiness is not dependent on a person, place or thing happening TO you!

Your happiness is 1000% dependent on your CHOICE to be happy REGARDLESS of what is going on around you!

No!  I am NOT crazy!

Even in the midst of tragedy you can choose to see the good in the situation or find something to be happy about.  I’m not saying you should not honor the feelings that are appropriate in the moment.  If you are in a burning building trying to get out . . . run like hell and GET OUT!  But once you are safe again, there is no reason not to CHOOSE HAPPY that you are safe rather than replaying the fearful moments of running from the building!

On a more mundane note, you may not like your job . . . but that is not a reason to not be happy!  Surely there is someone there that you like?  Or even perhaps a pen on your desk that is way cool?  Or the fact that you get a paycheck that allows you to buy food and shelter?

It’s all a point of view!

Change your perspective!

Choose HAPPY now!!

Joyful Blessings to your new choices!!!

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